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Lone Ranger Frontier Town set up
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In 1948, I listened with great anticipation to The Lone Ranger radio program as the announcer, Fred Foy, said, "In celebration of the 15th year of this program you can get your very own model of the Lone Ranger Frontier Town. With this offer you can follow the adventures of The Lone Ranger and Tonto."

The next day I flew on my bike to the First National grocery store. Standing in the cereal aisle I searched for the Cheerios boxes. There they were! I turned a box over and there were the frontier buildings just waiting to be cut out and assembled. It was box numbered 3 of 9 different box backs. I checked out other boxes and all 9 were there. What luck! Another bike trip home to convince my mother that it was imperative to get all 9 boxes immediately. She agrees! Back again to the store to purchase all 9 boxes of Cheerios ($.12 abox!). Rushing home, I quickly emptied all the boxes into a large bowl. I ended up eating Cheerios for weeks, but it was worth it!

Four more sections, each with a map and additional buildings (71 pieces in all), had to be sent for separately with a dime and a Cheerios box top. Luckily I now had plenty of those. When assembled the four base maps covered nearly 15 square feet of floor space. For weeks afterward the Lone Ranger radio show featured stories located in the Frontier Town and I could see right where it was all taking place - a truly spectacular radio premium!


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