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Arcade cards were first created by the Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago, IL, in 1901 and ended in 1981. The cards were 3 3/8"x 5" and featured promotional photos of movie stars, prize fighters, baseball players, and cowboy-western stars. They were first printed in black & white (as seen above) and finally in color lithography (as seen seen here).

Arcade card machine marquee sign
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Trips to Norumbega Park in Waltham, MA started my collection of arcade cards. The park had a small roller coaster and a giant rotary swing with rocket planes you took rides in. The big excitement for me was the small arcade with its magical machines. Clutching a few pennies I had saved, I would make a dash for one of the arcade machines. The machine was like a box on legs with a marquee sign on top that said “Put one cent in slot, Push slide in-then pull out slowly and receive card”. Excited I inserted my penny, pushed the plunger and out came a gray cardboard card. There in a black and white photo was The Lone Ranger from the movie serial of 1938!

What a treasure! It was pure luck not to get a duplicate. I could add this one to my collection. I got three more cards but they were not ones I wanted. I would save them to trade with my friends. When I got home my new cards were added to others in a cigar box. Quite often I would take the Lone Ranger cards out and with my imagination at full speed ride with the masked man on his adventures. Enjoy looking at the cards and I hope you have some of the same excitement I had.

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